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Is Italian difficult to learn?

Updated: Feb 9

Italian is not too hard to learn.

Italian is a fascinating language, rich in history, culture and beauty. Many foreigners would like to learn it, but often they get discouraged thinking that it is too difficult. In reality, Italian is not an impossible language to learn, on the contrary, it has some advantages over other more complex languages.

The quick answer is that Italian is not difficult to learn for beginners. The higher is the level you wish to reach, the more intricate the language becomes.

First of all, Italian has a strong similarity with English, at least as far as vocabulary is concerned. About 60% of Italian words derive from Latin, which is also the root of many English words. This means that many terms are easily recognizable and memorable for those who speak English. For example, words like family, music, art, science, history, problem, system, etc. are almost identical in both languages.

Secondly, Italian has a phonetic pronunciation, that is, it is written as it is spoken and it is spoken as it is written. There are no ambiguous sounds like in English. Each letter corresponds to a precise sound. This makes reading and writing much simpler and intuitive.

Thirdly, Italian has clear grammatical rules and with few exceptions. The structure of sentences follows a logical and coherent order. Verbs are conjugated regularly in most cases and follow easily recognizable patterns.

Of course, Italian has some difficulties. Some of these are:

  • Prepositions and compound prepositions do not translate directly from English.

  • The use of personal pronouns subject, direct object and indirect object, which can be omitted, duplicated or combined in various ways.

  • The use of subjunktive thet is barely used in English.

Only at a higher level will you encounter more challenging tasks, such as in the English language.

This is a common sentiment among learners who have mastered the basics of a foreign language and want to advance their skills.

In this blog post, I will share some tips and resources on how to tackle the difficulties of learning English at an intermediate or advanced level. Whether you want to improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, or comprehension, there are many ways to challenge yourself and grow as a language learner.

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