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Italian Classes for Expert Beginners - Level A

Class# 4




#4 Italian for Beginners 

10 lessons, 2 hours each
(10min break after 55min)

Once a week for 10 weeks
6.30 PM -8.30 PM (TBC)
Book included

Min 2, max 12 people

Starting: (TBC)

Venue: Firehouse Cultural Center

$ 350

Prerequisites: must have knowledge of the subjects covered in the Italian for Beginners classes #1, 2,  and 3

Topics of instruction:

  • To know and use reflexive verbs at the present and with compound verbs

  • To know and use the impersonal form and impersonal expressions

  • To know and use the indirect pronouns

  • To know and use direct and indirect pronouns with compound verbs and modal verbs

  • To know and use 'Mi piace/piacciono' with a compound form

  • To know and use the imperative mode with the pronouns

  • To know the conditional present and compound

  • To use the conditional present and past

Additionally, you will be introduced to:

  • Curiosity about the Italian fashion business

  • Curiosities about the Italian TV and newspapers

  • Curiosities about Italian music

Goals and Objectives:

  • To talk about everyday life using reflexive verbs

  • To talk about clothes (color, size, style) and talk about quantities and prices of goods

  • To ask and express your opinion about something

  • To ask a favor and to borrow/lend something

  • To suppose, to refer news, to express the future in the past

  • To talk about TV programs 

  • To give commands and suggestions

  • To ask and give street directions

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