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Italian Classes for Expert Beginners - Level A

Class# 3 




#3 Italian for Beginners 

10 lessons, 2 hours each
(10min break after 55min)

Once a week for 10 weeks
6.30 PM -8.30 PM (TBC)
Book included

Min 2, max 12 people

Starting: (TBC)

Venue: Firehouse Cultural Center

$ 350

Prerequisites: must have knowledge of the subjects covered in the Italian for Beginners classes #1 and 2

Topics of instruction:

  • To use possessive adjectives​

  • To use quello and bello

  • To translate 'it takes'

  • To use the imperfetto indicativo of regular and irregular verbs

  • To use the trapassato prossimo

  • To use accordingly the imperfetto, the trapassato and the passato prossimo

  • Direct pronouns with compound verbs and modal verbs

  • the partitive ne

  • avercelo/averne

Additionally, you will be introduced to:

  • Italian Cuisine History

  • Different shapes/kinds of pasta

  • Where Italians do eat when outside

  • Italian famous actors and film directors

  • Historic Italian markets and products

Goals and Objectives:

  • To express possession

  • To give advice

  • To talk about family members

  • To talk about the different kind of meals 

  • To order at a restaurant

  • To say what they prefer

  • To know some cooking vocab

  • To tell about past events and stories

  • To talk about movies and genres

  • To talk about memories

  • To express agreement and disagreement

  • To ask for and give basic information.

  • To express emotions, happiness, sadness disappointment

  • To offer help, accept or refuse somebody's help

  • To go grocery and clothes/shoe shopping

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