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Italian Classes for Expert Beginners - Level A

Class# 2 




#2 Italian for Beginners 

10 lessons, 2 hours each
(10min break after 55min)

Once a week for 10 weeks
6.30 PM -8.30 PM (TBC)
Book included

Min 2, max 12 people

Starting: 5th February 2024

Venue: Firehouse Cultural Center

$ 350

Prerequisites: must have knowledge of the subjects covered in the Italian for Beginners classes #1 

Topics of instruction:

  • To know the simple prepositions (di, a da, in, con,su per, tra, fra)

  • To know the articulated prepositions

  • To learn how to translate some and any

  • To translate there is and there are

  • To translate possessive adjectives my, your, his/her​

  • The past participle of regular and irregular verbs

  • To use the passato prossimo (present perfect)

  • The adverb of place CI

  • To use adverbs with the present perfect

  • To use modal verbs with the present perfect​

  • To use the simple future with regular and irregular verbs

  • To know the future perfect

  • To know hypotethical phrases (1st type)

Additionally, you will be introduced to:

  • Learn how to write a letter or an email

  • Learn the basic jargon related to technology and chat messages or SMS

  • Learn important Italian emergency phone numbers and how/when to call them

  • To know what Italians like to do during weekends

  • What Italian bars are like and how Italians drink coffee

  • Italian holidays

  • What Italians do for Christmas time

  • Which type of trains exists in Italy

Goals and Objectives:

  • To know about different kinds of communication systems

  • To ask and give information about appointments/schedules

  • To express doubt

  • To talk about furniture

  • To locate objects in space

  • To express possession

  • To thank others and respond with gratitude

  • The months and seasons

  • Numbers from 2000 to 1 million

  • To talk about what you do on your weekends

  • To tell past events

  • To tell a past event in a specific time frame (one week, one hour, one day ago)

  • To as and say the today date

  • To order in a coffee shop

  • To express your preferences

  • To make plans, guessing, promises, hypotheses, and to express doubt

  • Learn vocabulary related to train travel

  • Learn vocabulary related to weather forecasts

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