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Italian/English Video Call Interpreter
Italian Real Estate

Garden Path

Are you in the exciting process of purchasing your dream house in Italy? 

Would you like help with the language?

I am an Italian teacher and interpreter/translator.

I specialize in providing personalized video call interpretation/tranlsation for real estate services.

Let's make your Italian property buying experience smooth and enjoyable!

How I Can Help

Imagine you want to virtually/remotely explore your potential future home, but you don't speak Italian and the agent doesn't speak English... That's where I come in….I can help you navigate your visit and ask all the questions you desire, seamlessly.

How It Works

1. We can have an introductory 15 minutes Meet & Greet video call (optional).

2. You, or your representative (Agent, Realtor, Broker), will book your Remote Tour appointment with the Italian Real Estate Agent for your property of interest. If you don't have a representative, I can help you with this important step (charged separately).

3. You and/or your representative reach out to me to schedule my Video Call Interpreter (VCI) service for your Remote Tour appointment and sign the service contract.

4. No later than one day prior to the Remote Tour appointment/meeting, you will provide me, via email, a link to join that call. When I'm in charge of the booking process I will provide you with the link and, when possible, record the Visit of your future home.

5. On the date and time of the Tour/appointment, I will join you in your video call with the Italian real estate agent and provide language support throughout the call.

Why Choose me?

  • Personalized Service: As a solo interpreter, I offer a one-on-one experience, tailored to your unique requirements. You will always deal with just me and I will be on your side. 

  • Expertise: My experience with real estate translations in Italy and cross-cultural communication, allows me to provide a smooth communication process. 

  • Confidentiality: Your privacy is my priority. I uphold strict confidentiality standards throughout our interactions. I don't share ANY information. 

Let's Get Started!

Why let a language barrier stand in the way of your dream home. Contact me today and book your Meet & Greet Video call.  


Flat rate of $150 up to 1 hour. 

$40 for every extra slot of 15 minutes.

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